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June 2016

What Makes Nepalese Food Unique?

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Gurkha Chef's Piro Kukhura uses a blend of Nepalese herbs and spices.

Gurkha Chef’s Piro Kukhura uses a unique blend of Nepalese herbs and spices.

Nepalese food is often considered a combination of ingredients, flavours and cooking styles of a variety of cultures including China, Tibet and of course, India.

But it is often India that it is most closely compared to. Largely, perhaps, due to the bright colours, scintillating flavours, a variety of ingredients, cooking styles and, largely, its spice.

While it  does share some similarities with Indian food and takes influences from its neighbour, Nepalese food is still very much a unique international cuisine.

Locally Sourced

Its uniqueness was partly caused by Nepal’s location. As it began to experience import and export difficulties for food from its neighbouring countries, it has led Nepal to use a wide range of produce that is grown and sourced locally. As Nepal opened up its borders over 60 years ago, it may well be these seemingly detrimental events that have given Nepalese the strong reputation for exceptional freshness and high quality.

How Nepalese food is unique to Indian food

It’s true to say that with Nepal’s rich and diverse culture, traditions and people, it truly stands out as one of the international cuisine’s most tasty and sought-after flavours. Nepal uses simple and subtle methods to achieve outstanding flavours.

But, as it’s often compared to the English favourite of Indian food, let’s point out the differences between Nepalese and Indian food:

  1. The Nepalese technique for cooking vegetables does not add any other ingredients such as green paste. Instead, in Nepalese cooking we chop and stir-fry the vegetables. Herbs and spices are simply added to give it extra flavour.
  2. Nepalese cooking does not use cream. Instead, its popular sauce is gravy, which presents a thinner and less heavy texture to the food. Nepalese is often considered healthier than its counterparts too. The perfect choice for the summer months.
  3. In Nepal, it is traditional to eat rice (Bhat) up to twice a day in a popular dish called Dal Bhat – a combination of steamed rice and a cooked lentil soup. Unlike Indian cuisine, in Nepal we do not eat as much naan or chapatti bread. At Gurkha Chef, you’ll find that rice is a staple part of our menu and complements meat, fish and vegetable dishes perfectly.
  4. Nepalese cuisine is unique from a number of neighbouring cuisines including Thai food, Chinese cooking and Indian dishes as we do not use cooking sugar. There is only one real exception to this and this is if the dish is extremely sweet. Only then will Nepalese chefs add some cooking sugar.    

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So come on down to Gurkha Chef, our traditional Nepalese restaurant located in the heart of Newbury, to sample unique and authentic Nepalese dishes.

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