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June 2016

Nepalese Cuisine: The Healthier Option

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Opt for Nepalese cuisine, the healthier option.

When it comes to eating out today, we want our top meals without the guilt that often comes attached. It seems rare to find a flavoursome favourite that doesn’t have all the calories added to it to make it taste succulent and yummy.

Nepalese cuisine is the answer. If you want all your tastiest treats without feeling any guilt then Nepalese cuisine is for you – the healthier option. When it comes to curries, they’re not only known for being synonymous with spice, but also being calorific and indulgent naughty treats that we limit to having once a week, month or blue moon.

Well, with our traditional and authentic Nepalese creations, beautifully handcrafted from our experienced and knowledgeable Gurkha Chefs – what our chefs don’t know about Nepalese food remains to be seen – you can have your much-loved dishes and be safe in the knowledge that you’ve opted for the healthier dish too.

What Makes Nepalese Food the Healthier Option?

  1. Nepalese cuisine avoids relying on the considerable use of a variety of fats and the inclusion and continual use of lean meats and a variety of vegetables that are prepared in a stir-fry.
  2. Rather than pastes, Nepalese cooking uses a range of herbs and spices and simple      ingredients including lentils, potatoes and tomatoes. As a result, Nepalese cuisine has built its reputation upon being a healthy and varied cuisine that satisfies every palate.
  3. With its large variety of fresh herbs and spices that are locally-sourced and picked, Nepalese cuisine retains all the flavour of other international cuisines, while providing a healthy, hearty and wholesome alternative.

Largely down to these differences, Nepalese food is considered a healthier alternative to other south Asian dishes from neighbouring and surrounding countries such as India, China and Thailand.

Vegetables Dishes for You to Try

All our dishes come with a whole host of herbs and spices, beautifully balanced and mixed to give your palate a taste that tingles your tastebuds.

We have 14 vegetable dishes ready for you to try. So whether it’s sliced aubergine, diced potatoes or fresh spinach that you’re looking to taste, either as a side dish, starter or larger main, then try Nepalese cuisine at your Gurkha Chef in the heart of Newbury, the healthier option.

All priced at £3.75, you don’t even have to limit yourself to one. Why not go for our popular Saag Aloo, a mix of fresh potatoes and spinach put together in a variety of herbs and spices, with our mild to medium Kerau Paneer, a combination of green peas and homemade cottage cheese for the real taste of Nepal.

Don’t miss out on your favourite dishes and skip the guilt too with Gurkha Chef’s

Try Nepalese cuisine, the healthier option

Try Nepalese cuisine, the healthier option

traditional Nepalese cuisine, the healthier option. Call today on 01635 37333 to book your table.