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Sit back, Relax and Celebrate


July 2016

Sit Back, Relax and Celebrate

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Located in the heart of Newbury’s town centre, Gurkha Chef invites you to let your hair down and celebrate, whatever the day of the week.

So whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, wedding or just an end of the week party, let Gurkha Chef fill your stomachs and take care of everything, while you simply sit back, relax and enjoy the very best of Nepalese cuisine. 

Going strong for 10 years, Gurkha Chef recently completed its expansion and moved next door to accommodate more party guests. We’ve increased our seating from 50 to 75 so that you can add more to the guest list and have even more space to decorate, eat and enjoy the party.

We want to make sure you have the best party and celebrate in style. So here’s our recipe for success…

Whatever the Occasion, We’re Ready to Celebrate

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding reception or party, we’ve got the food and drinks service and party atmosphere to make sure it’s a celebration to remember. We take great pride in letting our customers know how special they are, so we’re always on hand to sing Happy Birthday or put a smile on their face with their favourite dish. We’ll surprise them at the door with their very own decorated table and make your event that extra bit special.

Service with a Smile

For years now, our reputation has grown through word of mouth and we’d like to put that down to our service. Whether it’s our front of house team, our group of chefs who are experts in cooking Nepalese dishes to perfection, or our bar staff, it’s smiles all round. Nothing is too much trouble. Step into Gurkha Chef and see and smell the wonderful flavours, textures and aromas of traditional Nepalese cuisine.

Traditional Nepalese Cuisine

Now like all great parties, you can find most of us at the food and drink table. A platter of different types of snacks is laid out before us, allowing us to choose exactly what we fancy. At Gurkha Chef, it’s no different. When it comes to the menu, why not share a host of starters or side dishes. We’ve got a selection of vegetables, meat and fish dishes available to you of the mild, medium or hot variety.

Or if you want your favourite Nepalese dish all to yourself, then why not opt for a Chef’s Special or one of our traditionally-cooked clay oven dishes. We cook with plenty of herbs and spices that are perfectly balanced to match your palate. You could go for our variety of curries and meat dishes that are cooked to perfection in our chef’s own homemade style. Bring the authentic flavours of Nepal to Newbury and celebrate your party in true style.

Choose your favourite tipple from our well-stocked bar and our waiter will deliver it to your table in minutes.

If you’re looking to celebrate in style and want to take a look at our menu, visit http://gurkhachef.co.uk/