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June 2016

Taste Our Tantalising Tuesdays

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Taste our Tantalising Tuesdays

Taste our Tantalising Tuesdays

Tuesdays will never be the same again when you experience Gurkha Chef’s Tantalising Tuesdays.

Tantalising Tuesdays are all about our stunning meat and fish dishes that come with a wide variety of herbs and spices to tantalise your taste buds.

When we think of our favourite restaurants, we often think of them as an opportunity to go out, have fun and try great food…all at the end of the week. It’s often a celebration to give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through the working week, but why wait until then to give yourself a reward?

Spice up a terrible Tuesday and bring the flavour of the weekend to you. Our Tantalising Tuesdays bring all the very best in authentic and traditional Nepalese cuisine while still delivering to you table healthy and nutritious aromas, flavours and tastes.

Whether it’s chicken, lamb or seafood dishes that you fancy, we’ve got a wide variety of succulent favourites. These draw upon the local cooking techniques that have made Nepalese cuisine such a popular international dish.

Get onboard Gurkha Chef’s Tantalising Tuesday and you’re bound to put the spice back into your Tuesdays.Bring the weekend to you and have a feast with Gurkha Chef’s Tantalising Tuesdays.

Check out some of our most popular meat and fish dishes:

     1.Rupa Prawn

Price: £10.95

For those of you who love seafood, we bring the stunning and simple flavours of Nepal to you with this classic mild dish. Rupa Prawn contains sensationally-tasting king prawns that are cooked in coconut milk with herbs to provide a rich and distinctive flavour.

  1. Kukhura Aloo

Price: £6.95

Tantalise your taste buds every Tuesday with this popular and traditional medium chicken dish. Containing succulent chicken that falls off the bone mixed with a staple of Nepalese cuisine, potatoes, and along with herbs and spices, Kukhura Aloo is definitely one to order.

  1. Tarai Kukhura

Price: £6.95

If you really want to kickstart your week then opt for this hot and spicy Nepalese favourite dish. Tarai Kukhura is also a nutritious and healthier option with grilled chicken, combined with the delicious and varied flavours of yoghurt, fresh peppers, herbs and onions to tantalise your taste buds.

  1. Piro Khasi

Price: £7.50

One of our most popular Khasiko Parikar dishes, if spice is the name of the game for you, then this very hot dish is the perfect choice for you on a Tantalising Tuesday. A traditional lamb curry, the succulent Piro Khasi dish will have the power to really put spice on your taste buds.

     5. Shaslick

Price: £7.10

Or, if you’re tempted by all of these tantalising Tuesday treats, then why not opt for all of them with a deliciously sumptuous clay oven special that combines all of your favourites with an assorted dish of chicken, lamb, prawns and salmon fish. If you simply can’t choose between meat and fish, then opt for a dish where you don’t have to!

Tantalising Tuesdays

At Gurkha Chef, we are your traditional Nepalese chefs that bring you our country’s popular dishes at Tantalising Tuesday prices too.

Give the most boring day of the week some spice. Last month, we tempted you to try Gurkha Chef’s Wholesome Wednesdays with our range of nutritious and healthier vegetable dishes.

Let’s extend our weekend with a Tantalising Tuesday treat and visit Gurkha Chef or call on 01635 37333 today.