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Nepal, land of the mystifying Himalayas, birthplace of Lord Buddha and home of Legendary Gurkha soldiers, is blessed with scenic splendor and natural beauty. Though relatively small in area, the country is rich in ethnic diversity and cultural heritage. It is home to many tribal races, living in different regions, with their own unique culture, traditional customs, language and food habits.

Nepalese food successfully combines characteristics of asian cuisine with its own culinary history creating foods that are rich in flavour and culture. Bearing this in mind, we, here at the Gurkha Chef Restaurant, present you with a large selection of our regional dishes that have been carefully blended to give you the authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine. In order to retain our unique Nepalese flavour, we use fresh spices and herbs in our dishes.

In 2006, the Gurkha chef introduced nepali cuisine in Berkshire. The resturant specialises in food from across the country Nepal. As an outcome of dedication and hardwork of our staff members, we have had successful 10 years experience of imparting decent service that includes remarkable feedback from our patrons and customers.

We are very thankful for your time and would be delighted to be at your service. Dine in to share and explore the exquisite meal with friends, family and colleagues. We ensure your visit will be worthwhile.

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