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May 2016

Gurkha Chef’s Top 5 Nepalese Dishes

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Nepalese Dishes

Gurkha Chef’s Top 5 Nepalese Dishes

Nepalese dishes contain some of the most flavoursome spices and succulent tastes from around the world.

The Gurkha Chef in Newbury has recently expanded to meet its growing customer demand. Its vast array of meat, fish and vegetables dishes have been a winner with Newbury locals and those travelling from further afield.

Is it your first time sampling the flavours, textures and tastes of Nepalese dishes? Or, are you a seasoned diner? we’ve selected our top 5 Nepalese dishes for you to try.

Well, we’re on hand to help you choose the perfect Nepalese dish for you. we’ve selected our top 5 Nepalese dishes for you to try.

We’ve selected our top 5 Nepalese dishes for you to try.

  1. Rato Kukhura

Spice rating: Mild

Price: £7.95

Nepalese dishes share a lot of flavours, tastes and textures with Indian cuisine. A long-established favourite in the UK, Nepalese dishes are hot on its tail producing tasty, wholesome and healthy dishes.

The Rato Kukhura contains a saucy selection of herbs and spices. Using tomatoes, Gurkha Chef creates a succulent chargrilled chicken dish that is finely cooked in a creamy-textured Nepalese masala sauce.

  1. Kathmandu Kukhura

Spice rating: Mild

Price: £7.45

Taken from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu Kukhura is really the gem of Nepalese chicken dishes. Although mild, it’s authentic taste and flavour cannot be underestimated. Its aubergine special sauce is traditional Nepalese cuisine at its very best.

Cooked in the traditional Kathmandu style, Kathmandu Kukhura is a must for those who love a mild curry.  

  1. Hot Staff Curry

Spice rating: Medium

Price: £7.45

Our hot Staff Curry is called that for a reason. It is an extremely popular dish with both our Gurkha Chef staff and customers. Our homemade hot staff lamb curry brings the eclectic Nepalese herbs and spices together with our chef’s very own secret twist. Come and try it for yourself.

  1. Tarai Kukhura

Spice rating: Hot

Price: £6.95

This hot Nepalese dish is a beautifully smoky and delicious chargrilled chicken meal. All the best sourced and traditional produce including fresh peppers and onions go into making the succulent tastes in the Tarai Kukhura. Fresh yoghurt, along with homemade and traditional herbs and spices come together to make the beautiful balance of this Nepalese dish.

  1. Sherpa Kukhura

Spice rating: Very hot

Price: £7.50

If you like your curry hot and spicy, then this is the chicken dish for you. It is packed with a whopping 17 different spices and flavours. With an added touch of coconut milk, it is the perfectly balanced dish that brings the taste of traditional Nepal to you.

Sherpa Kukhura is a favourite Nepalese dish as it packs a spicy punch and mixes beautiful boneless chicken with a very hot blend of flavours.

So if you’d like to try one, two, three, four or even all five of our top Nepalese dishes, then call Gurkha Chef today.