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June 2016

How Nepalese Culture Influences Its Cuisine

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How Nepalese Culture Influences Cuisine

How Nepalese Culture Influences Cuisine

Well, firstly, Nepalese culture has a tremendous impact on its cuisine. So much so, that its local and traditional dishes have managed to transport themselves all over the world to restaurants and fairs near you.  
If you’re introducing yourself to Nepalese food for the first time or want to find out more about the wonderful and culturally diverse country, then you’ll firstly want to familiarise yourself with the wonderful flavours, tastes and smells that come from the beautiful Nepal.

Nepalese Culture

While Nepal is economically poor, it is culturally rich. Its eclectic and long-standing heritage are steeped in tradition. Nepal has, therefore, attracted visitors from all over the world. The result has been a fascination with its herbs, spices, colours, flavours and aromas.

Although small in size, its country is one that is culturally diverse. Its heavy influences typically come from both North India and Tibet, along with the other populations that fill Nepal and create multiple and varied culinary delights.

Typical Nepalese Dishes

There are a few popular terms that you will come across and become familiar with when trying Nepalese cuisine. Staples foods commonly eaten in Nepal include lentils (Dal), rice (Bhat) and curried vegetables (Takhari).

You’ll find that the staple diet of Nepalese people typically consists of Dal Bhat, a dish containing steamed rice and a cooked lentil soup. Many Nepalese people will eat this twice a day. However, never lacking innovation, diversity and creation, in Nepal we always use a variety of ingredients to bring excellence, spice and variation to our many many other dishes.

Celebrated Culinary Values

Nepalese chefs are extremely talented and work with a whole host of ingredients at any time. Plus, they know their Nepalese cuisine.

They’ll happily tell you the difference in flavour, smell and texture between a variety of herbs and spices. They are knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated – the key to success in any field, surely?

And whether it’s the mild, medium or hot dishes that take your fancy then you can find them all in Gurkha Chef as our waiters and chefs know exactly what spices and herbs are the perfect combination for your palette.

What makes Nepalese cuisine also stand out as one of the most popular international cuisines around the world is its freshness. In Nepal, it’s not uncommon for ingredients to be picked from the local village the same morning as the dish is cooked, and we instil these values every day into Gurkha Chef.

Whether you’re tasting Nepalese cuisine on a Wholesome Wednesday, for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or any night of the week, in fact, we make sure that all the ingredients we use are fresh and of the finest quality. This cuisine then filters through into our dishes and comes to your table, ready, to bring true Nepalese culture to our cuisine.

Book a Table

If you want to try, or already know you love Nepalese cuisine, then come to Gurkha Chef and select your favourite dish from our vast array of meat, fish and vegetable choices.

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