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May 2016

Try Gurkha Chef’s Wholesome Wednesday

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Try our Wholesome Wednesday

Try our Wholesome Wednesday

Try out our Wholesome Wednesday and you’ll never look back. It’ll be like Friday all over again.

In fact, with a whole selection of over 20 wholesome spices to choose from, you’ll feel as if your Friday has come early.

When we think of our favourite restaurants, we often think of them as an opportunity to go out, have fun and try great food…all at the end of the week. A celebration for the end of the working week, but why wait until then?

And the best part is, you don’t have to feel guilty either. With our Wholesome Wednesdays, you don’t have to worry about giving yourself an early reward as our truly authentic and traditional Nepalese dishes contain a rich blend of natural herbs and spices along with a large array of vegetables.

Our Nepalese dishes contain chickpeas, aubergine, green peas, potatoes and spinach, to name just a few.

At Gurkha Chef, you’ll find all the tastes and flavours of Nepal, with our beautifully seasoned and balanced dishes. Opt for one of our classic and succulent meat or fish dishes and give it that Wholesome Wednesday feel with a variety of vegetable dishes. Or go all out on Wholesome Wednesday and have a selection of vegetable dishes.

You’ve made it to mid-week after all, let’s celebrate with a Wholesome Wednesday.

Wholesome Wednesday Favourites

Check out some of our most popular vegetable dishes:

  • Bhenta Tarkari

Price: £3.75

A favourite of Nepalese cuisine, this popular and classic dish contains sliced and diced aubergine that is cooked and arranged in a variety of herbs and spices.

  • Kerau Paneer

Price: £3.75

If you want to add even more flavour to your Wholesome Wednesday vegetables then you can’t go wrong with this classic cottage cheese and green peas dish. Cooked to your perfection, opt for mild or medium.

  • Aloo Chana

Price: £3.75

A hot and spicy dish, Aloo Chana mixes potatoes with the Wholesome Wednesday option of chickpeas, cooked to perfection to your tastebuds in a range of herbs and spices.

  • Saag Aloo

Price: £3.75

A twist on the Indian classic, the Nepalese Saag Aloo blends the very best of Indian and Nepalese cuisine with the traditional mix of spinach and potatoes with Nepal’s unique combinations of spice and herbs, ideal for a Wholesome Wednesday.

  • Kaalo Daal

Price: £3.75

Or, if you’re looking for the best in Wholesome Wednesdays, why not opt for our stunningly simple black lentil soup. From the small and traditional villages of Nepal, this delicious dish packs all the flavour you’re after.

And with all of these dishes under £4, you’ll make a whopping Wholesome Wednesday saving too.

So if you fancy a Wholesome mid-week Wednesday favourite, then visit Gurkha Chef today.